Three Hours of Pilot Pete? We can do this!

In order to get through tres horas of sweet Pete, I’ve resorted to my all-time favorite beverage, a giant-sized bottle of Cook’s Champagne sans orange juice. You can’t beat straight Bubbly with some leftover Super Bowl 7-Layer dip, now, can you? Laptop-Check. Munchies-Check. Adult Beverage-Check. Time for launch…. Chris Harrison has tweeted me personally toContinue reading “Three Hours of Pilot Pete? We can do this!”

Episode Recap: Pilot Pete 1/20/20

Dear Readers, I’ve got my gallon of Sam’s Club Cook’s Champagne, a sleeve of Ritz crackers, and Kraft Easy-Cheese on the TV tray next to my recliner. A feast for a queen! I’m prepared to see what the night brings us. First, there HAS to be a wrap-up with #ChampagneGate, correct? I canNOT listen toContinue reading “Episode Recap: Pilot Pete 1/20/20”