Women Tell All! Pilot Pete in the Hotseat!

It’s Women Tell All! If the planets are in alignment, Peter is going to face the wrath of a bunch of angry gals tonight! I hope he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest!!

We begin at the rose ceremony with the three (or did Madison take herself out of the running?} women after the Fantasy Suites. Papa Chris is talking to sweet Pete about his feels. Pete is still feeling regret and crying. He honestly looks like he’s going to vomit. One thinks it’s over the loss of Madi, but he continues to insist that he’s in love with all three women. So, why the tears, sweet Pete?  He reiterates that Hannah Ann’s the sweetest woman he’s ever known, BUT….he’s in love with Victoria as well. I, myself, am confused. Could these two women be any different? Come on people, you know sweet EFF is probably a maniac in bed, and Hannah Ann seems like she’d try hard to PRETEND she was, but wouldn’t quite be able to work that out. Pete’s about to vomit over the side of the cliff because he doesn’t see Madison there, but then she shows up. Madison is probably a good mix of the two other gals, and that’s why he so desperately needs her to be there. She has a brain and can carry on a conversation, and when she’s happily married, she’ll probably be just fine in the boudoir. She’s athletic and that has to count for something, right?

A look of relief washes over Peter, but then he comes to the stand to give away the roses, and he literally is about to have a nervous breakdown. Can I just say that I hope Pilot Pete handles himself under pressure in the cockpit much better than he’s doing here? Delta, do you test your pilots for stressful situations? Cause if I get on a plane and see Pete’s the pilot and there’s storm clouds ahead, I’m gonna want to get re-booked on the next flight.

Am I crazy, or does Madison look like she’s disgusted and PO’d? Friends, I am laughing so hard at poor Peter right now. Producers, I hope you have a clean change of undies, because that boy just wet himself. He’s shaking while he’s asking Madi if she wants his rose; he’s about ready to cry. She makes him wait while she thinks about it. Then she finally says, “Yeah.” He pulls himself back into the real world, is clearly shocked, answering her, “You sure?” She says she is, and they hug.

Now he has to say goodbye to Victoria. He tells her how he’s falling in love with her, but he’s just more in love with the other two. I get that. I’m in love with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt, but I’m more in love with Hemsworth and Pratt, you know? Same, same. Victoria goes home, and now we’re at the Women Tell All portion. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling this will be a major bitch-biting fest.

Chris asks the girls what they thought about Madison giving Peter an ultimatum. Sidney decides to open her big mouth and talk about how she and Madison are kind of the same. They’re both from small towns, they both have certain standards. Umm, Sid, I’m concerned about some of these standards of which you speak. From what I hear, lying is not beneath you. Just sayin’

Chris first addresses the Victoria P and Alayah situation. He goes to Sidney to ask her about her thoughts, and of course, Sidney has some. She talks about how fake Alayah is, but doesn’t allow Alayah to get a word in edgewise. Sid definitely wants to be queen of this show, I just don’t know why the producers are letting her. Alayah starts talking in a screech voice saying that she’s just as annoying off camera as on, and she has a voice that her mom calls her ‘princess voice,” and at this point, I’m just like, huh? Why are you dissing yourself? Girl have some pride! Now they all just start yelling at each other, and Savannah starts yelling at Victoria P that she’s the fakest person ever. I really can’t hear anyone saying anything. I get the impression these gals don’t like each other.

Champagnegate is then discussed, and the conversation turns to Kelsey’s emotions and possible substance abuse. Here, the camera turns to Tammy, who’s just sitting there with a hang dog expression. She’s all over the place with her excuses. Tammy first tries to defend herself for tattling to Pete saying she only did things out of concern for Kelsey. She next tries to justify her actions saying they are all kissing the same man, so if Kelsey’s on drugs, the rest of them need to know. If she brings up the coronavirus, I’monna go through my TV. Tammy full on denies saying that Kelsey was an alcoholic or drug user. I’m gonna call it, False. Tammy, I’m pretty sure you said pretty much those exact words, or at least, they were very synonymous with those words. Someone mentions that the pill=popping rumor was started by Victoria P. Victoria P leads with, “Well, as a nurse…” Someone immediately cuts her off, saying, “You work for a dermatologist.” And that’s the name of that show. We don’t hear anything else from Victoria P.

Tammy is a nasty person. She is not happy with her outcome on the show, so she’s going to bring down everyone else. In looking at her bio, it looks like she has like 6 jobs. She’s very driven, so not succeeding on this show is probably heart-breaking for her. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to be nasty to anyone else.

Kelsey’s on the hot seat. She says, “Emotions are a good thing for both men and women.” Probably true. Ashley I comes out to meet Kelsey, because obviously, she’s a fellow crier and emotional person. Tammy sits behind them making ugly faces when Ashley thanks Kelsey for standing up to the emotional “shamers” everywhere. I think Tammy can’t wait to get off the show tonight.

Next up, EFF is in the hot seat. I think she is a really beautiful girl, but WHOA, that is one short skirt or is it shorts? I wish she wasn’t wearing those huge false eyelashes. She’s quite lovely without them. Goodness, I sound like I’ve got the hots for EFF. I don’t. Marine Mike’s the only guy for me. And Chris Pratt. If I have to choose.  EFF is talking about her regrets with how she acted, and she seems sincere. She addresses the accusations that have been made against her for breaking up marriages. EFF is denying that she broke up any marriages. Who knows? She seems different today though. Maybe she could be the bachelorette down the road….

Peter, Chris, and family are heading off to some Bachelor viewing parties. Gals, we NEED to do this!! Let’s get Chris and the next Bachelor to come to Joplin!! Party with Jen and Bobs!!

Peter is in the hot seat. He says the favorite part of the experience was all the relationships. Well, I hope it wasn’t the free meals, Pete. Kelsey starts crying and says, “I’m just honestly grateful for you, and now I think I’ll be able to find someone.” Goodness, Kelsey, you ARE gorgeous, and you probably have a decent personality away from all this hullabaloo. You WILL find someone. Who hurt these women?

EFF comes up and thanks Peter for putting up with her, and then tells him she’s sorry for everything. She should then turn to the viewing audience and apologize to us, because we had to put up with her too. Peter quotes the Bible, saying “Love is patient.” Madison will appreciate that if she’s watching.

Chris opens the floor to questions. Mykenna asks Peter why she kept him around for the rose ceremony if he was just going to dump her after her date with Tammy.  Sweet Pete makes the claim that he had no idea who the roses were going to that evening. He actually made it sound as if he has no control over that aspect. Strange. Savannah wins “Biggest Balls of the Evening Award” for asking Peter if he regrets keeping women around who want drama rather than some of the women who were there for the right reasons. She kind of got a gasp from the audience, but she’s right. It was a painful season, my friends. I must say, I think Pete got off really easy tonight.

Bloopers: Peter and Mykenna make out and Peter lifts her up on the counter and slams her head into a cabinet. Victoria P hears some hyenas, or, I don’t know, some kind of dog in the background, and asks, “Are those chickens?” There’s a plethora of bugs, and Peter is the most skittish person in the world.

Oh, no they aren’t. The Bachelor is giving us a PSA? Really, a show that literally has no moral values is going to talk to us about virtue. Bachelor, STAY IN YOUR LANE. That’s all I’m gonna say on that. Bobs out.

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Is Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season going to be the next bachelorette? Friends, my first question is: hasn’t she found love yet? That does concern me a bit. Our lady has been given a lot of chances for love. Bachelor in paradise, Bachelor Winter games, and so on and so on. I actually thought she had found love on the Winter games, but then I heard that she had broken off her engagement. I do think this will make for a much more interesting season though! Can’t wait to find out if the rumors are true.

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Pilot Pete 2/24/2020 Good stuff in here!

Okay, friends, I am clutching my pearls, because Madison is about to tell Peter about her virginity. But that aside, is anyone else loving her pantsuit as much as I do?? It’s FAB!! Okay, here goes, Madison tells Peter that “Next week, if you were to sleep with someone else, that would be, like,  really hard for me to move forward with this.” Once again, Peter needs clarification. “So what are you sayin’?”  The “Wait. What? Huh?” look is plastered on his face. Madison is hemming and hawing in her answer to him. She doesn’t want to tell him not to sleep with other people because she doesn’t want to give him an ultimatum, but she does say that actions speak louder than words. Peter tells her, “But, you KNOW how much you mean to me.” Well, sweet Pete, I’m kind of with her on this one. If you really like her, you don’t have to break your windmill record with the other two. Last week, you didn’t say you were FALLING in love with her. You said, “I LOVE Madison.” So it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Next, Pete tells the camera that he’s frustrated because the other two are telling him that they love him, but Madi’s not. Is it just me or do you all think that Little Peter is thinking more than Big Peter here? I do. He’s only thinking about Fantasy Suites. He acts like his lust for sex is all part of his Cuban heritage, and he can’t help it as he pounds his chest and says, “Petey must have sex. Lots of sex.”

Okay, all the girls are staying in the same place for fantasy suite week, so completely awkward. Just when you think it can’t get any more awkward, Petey walks in and with an Australian accent, says, “G’Day Sheilas.” If you go to the Outback, they have “sheilas” on the girl’s restroom door, so I got where he was going, but his accent was annoying.

Peter takes Hannah Ann out first. He tells her he’s falling in love with her. And she tells him that means a lot. But, does it? She says it as if someone brought her over a needed cup of sugar. Hey, thanks, Neighbor Smith, that means a lot.

Victoria and Madison are back at the hotel talking and Victoria asks Madi what she was talking to sweet Pete about. Madison gives nothing away to EFF, who tells Madison how important it is for Peter to sleep with all of them because that’s an important part of determining their love. Oh Eff, who hurt you? Love and sex are not necessarily the same, precious girl. I hope one day you find a committed and safe relationship.,

Peter and Hannah Ann meet up for dinner before the suites. HA is wearing a beautiful dress, but she’s holding the sides of it like a little girl playing dress-up. Peter tells her he can see the two of them doing this the rest of their lives, and Hannah Ann in her best baby doll voice, says, “I really, really do too.” Oh Fairy Godmother, please make my wishes come true.

Peter also tells HA that her dad told him not to tell her that he’s falling in love with her. Peter basically gives the big middle finger to dad and says there’s no way he’s not going to tell Hannah Ann, because he IS falling in love with her. AND, I’m pretty sure they are going to do the nasty since Peter loves him some hanky panky and has convinced himself that the lack of any emotion on Hannah Ann’s face equates to love. Peter calls Hannah a “perfect woman.” They then get down to the bidness of the Fantasy Suites; WAIT! What’s the haps in the shower?? It’s like the shower scene in Psycho! I can’t tell if there’s love-making or murder happening in there!! Yikes, Hannah Ann….

Peter is with Eff, and says he’s still fighting for her, but what I want Pete to know is that love should not be a constant fight. They go up in a helicopter, and what’s this? I thought Eff was afraid of flying? Nope. Forget the Fantasy Suites, they’re going to make the Mile High Club right inside the helo. Pete says it will never be boring with Victoria. Probably true, but there are worse things than boring, am I right? I’d rather be bored than worried every second I didn’t have eyes on her that she was getting cozy with someone else.

Eff doesn’t want Pete to give up on her. Little Pete definitely wants to meet little Victoria, so there will be no giving up on her until after the Fantasy Suites. No danger there.

Meanwhile, Madison confesses to Hannah Ann the ultimatum she gave Peter. Hannah Ann is disgusted with Madison but doesn’t say anything to Madison. Off camera, she says they all knew what they signed up for, so that is not something Madison should be asking of Pete. Point to Hannah Ann.

Oh my goodness, I am just going to fast forward Peter and Eff’s dinner date because if I have to hear about their feels for one more second, I may ban the Bachelor forever, and I don’t want to do that. Here’s the short of it, Petey. Victoria needs therapy. You are NOT a therapist, so leave her alone. You are someone who’s probably going to dump her by the end of the show and that’s just going to add to her neediness, so stop being Dr. Phil! Of course, nothing will stop Petey from going to the Fantasy Suite with this vixen. He gives her the FS card, and they head up there with Eff screeching, “This is so pretty” in her best baby voice. Pete gets right to work and starts making out with Victoria, because let’s be honest, that’s why he kept her around, right?

Back at the hotel, Madi and Hannah Ann are talking. Hannah Ann tries to be the voice of reason. She tells Madison that “If Victoria is coming back this morning, than they were at a good place.” Translation: ‘Madison, you fool, if we are coming back in the morning, we are doing the walk of shame, and we have slept with him.’ Madison asks Victoria if she felt the date gave her clarity, and Eff responds, “Yeah, it was productive.” There are several ways one could take that. I’m just going to err on the side of caution and assume she meant with her and Pete’s whole communication problem.

Madison and Peter are now on their date and they are headed to the top of some incredibly tall building. They get to the 77th floor…okay, squirrel, sweet Madison’s eyelashes are INCREDIBLY LONG! Is she taking Latisse? Back to the show….Whoa, they are on the outside of the building, climbing 13 flights of stairs to the 90th floor, and even Marine Mike, the love of my life, could NOT have made me do that. No way, no how. Madison says that she wants to talk to Peter about SO much but he just starts making out with her so she can’t talk.

Back at the hotel, Hannah Ann spills the beans to Victoria about her chat with Madison. Victoria is very irritated that Madison gave Peter an ultimatum about sleeping with them. Apparently, Eff’s not used to that. The gal sleeps with who she wants, when she wants. She don’t care ‘bout no stinking ultimatum.

Madison and Peter are heading to the good part….Peter tells her he’s crazy for her. He then follows that by telling her that he was torn after she told him not to sleep with others. He lets her know she made life hard for him. Let’s look back at the show, peeps. Did he really have a hard time on his dates with the other girls because of Madison? No. He did not. He’s lying and trying to give himself an excuse for sleeping with the other gals.

Madison tells him that she is saving herself for marriage. He tells her how beautiful that is and how he respects that, but that isn’t him. Not the way our sweet Pete rolls. He asks her if she would walk away from their relationship because of what he did with the other girls. Madison basically tells him yes while Pete eyes her warily. I mean, Pete, I don’t know how much clearer she can make this. I think she’s actually being really nice about this, and she gave you a heads up at the airplane hangar about her feelings. Pete was living by the old adage, “I’d rather ask forgiveness than permission.” Am I right?

He tells Madison that he HAS been intimate and he can’t lie to her about that.  Oh Peter, you only had to hold off for a few days, and you could have had your sweet Madison. Well, I guess you wouldn’t have HAD her, but she could have been your bride. He’s telling her he could 100% see them together at the end, but THEN, huh? He tells her he could see that with OTHER people, too. Madison taps her nails against her teeth and asks to be excused for, like, a second. Peter and Madison are both crying. Honestly, I know this show has drama, but this season it’s just been depressing.

Madison says she’s frustrated and mad at Peter, but what’s funny is she’s side-skirting the issue that he says he’s in love with the other girls, too. Peter goes out to talk to her and he apologizes to her, but he’s ALWAYS apologizing, so it doesn’t seem sincere to me. Madison tells him, she’s like, really hurt, and she, like, can’t change who she is, and she doesn’t want to, like, feel bad, for being like, who she is. I’m with you girl. She says she wants to just walk away. Peter is begging her not to. He knows that he hurt her, but….Oh Petey, you did what you wanted and now you have to pay the piper. Madison walks away.

Outtakes: Peter says he feels really good about Victoria, and then turns around because he’s scared to death of a monkey the size of a squirrel climbing on a tree behind him. Victoria pops out, and Petey’s scared. Then he realizes he shouldn’t be scared and he asks Eff why he’s scared. They giggle and he starts feeling her up. Bobs out.

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Pilot Pete Hometown Dates!

Friends, my champagne is iced and I am ready for a fun evening of Pilot Pete and the gals….

Hannah Ann is super excited to take Peter to her hometown of Knoxville, TN. The first thing they try is ax-throwing. Much like his attempts at basketball with EFF, Peter fails miserably, and the axes go cluttering to the floor. Finally, Pete makes one stick, and that is the cue for the make-out session. After some major lip service, he and Hannah sit down to talk. Here’s something fun, Peter has written Hannah Ann a letter since she had previously written him one. His first sentence is “I love how intentional you are.” Hmmm, intentional. Pilot Pete acts like that’s a really deep word. It means “done on purpose; deliberate.” The opposite of intentional would be accidental. It would be a sad life if one were to do everything accidentally.

What’s this? Hannah Ann names her dresses? He loves that about her? Ooookay. Hannah Ann says she’s going to read his note every morning and every night. Okay, I get it. I read my bf’s letters when I was 19, too. And kissed them and stuck them under my pillow…or was I 14? I forget.

Meeting the folks: As Peter starts talking about the excitement of ax-throwing with Hannah Ann, mom and siblings are very excited, but dad sits silently. They cut to him on camera, and Dad’s exact words are “It was a big day, ‘cuz we hadn’t seen Hannah for quite awhile and we were excited obviously, to see HER and spend some time with HER (emphasis mine); then, of course, she brought PETER with her (I LOL’d hard here), which is new and exciting, I guess.” I’m no brain surgeon, but my guess is that dad ain’t crazy about having to share his daughter with sweet Pete.

HA’s sister asks if HA is falling in love with Peter, and if he is in love with her. HA says she doesn’t know if PP loves her, but he wrote her a note with 110 reasons why he loves her, so her sister thinks that letter might be a big clue. They then read it to see if they can find any more clues. Even though I feel Hannah Ann is very stoic with her feels, her sister claims she’s never seen Hannah Ann so happy.  They both start crying and embrace.

HA’s mom warns Peter that she is fine with this whole thing, but Pops may not be. We then move to dad and Peter, who tells Peter that he presents himself well. Well, he is a pilot for Delta. The kid is no slouch. Dad asks Peter how he feels about the other women he’s around compared to Hannah Ann. Of course, Peter can’t answer, but tells dad it’s real, and that he was going to tell HA tonight that he’s falling in love with her. Dad asks him not to say it unless he really means it. Then Dad reiterates with force, “Do NOT say that word to her unless you really mean it.” This throws Peter for a loop. He’s confused. You can see the “Wait. What?” written on Pete’s face. Pete tells Dad he will take that under advisement, but what does he do instead? He hops, skips, and jumps to Hannah Ann to tell her he’s falling in love with her. Hannah Ann lets him know she is in love with him, and “She’s in it.”  She tells Peter that she loves him when they are standing at the car, and Peter tells her he’s 100% there. He asks her to say it again, and when she does, Pete responds, “I love hearing that.” Ladies, I know it’s all part of the show, but if you tell someone you love them, do you really want the response, “I love hearing that?” What a letdown!!

Next up is Kelsey, who is in Iowa. Carrying on her penchant for vino, Kelsey takes him to make their own bottle of wine. They stomp grapes in a vat and make out. Question: Did they not have to wash their feet first? Just askin.’ Btw, Pete is looking very Harry Potter-ish with his scar and his scarf.

Peter and Kelsey name their bottle of wine, “Wine.” Just when I thought this show couldn’t get more cerebral,  it surprises me. Kelsey tells PP that she knows how she feels about him, and Pete interrupts her and says, “How DO you feel about me?” This man loves nothing more than hearing the words “I love you,” especially when he doesn’t have to say it back. She lets him know she loves him and he sits there with a huge grin on his face kissing her hand.

PP heads out to meet Kelsey’s family. Here’s some scoop…I heard that the “home” Kelsey brings Peter to, is not actually their home. Just some fun tidbits I’m sharing. Kelsey’s sister says that Kelsey has not brought a “boy” home in a couple years. Maybe that’s because she’s dating men now. I had to go there. Is it just me or does Kelsey’s younger sister look like a blonde Hannah Ann?

Kelsey’s mom talks to Peter about how special he must be because Kelsey doesn’t fall in love easily. Mom tells Peter not to break her girl’s heart, and follows that with “Do you understand?” The parents on these dates are actually parents, how refreshing.  Kelsey tells mom she told PP she loves him, and then they start crying, mainly because they both know he’s still dating four other women. People, can we dissect for a moment? If your child was NOT dating the Bachelor, and there were NOT TV cameras around every corner, and they came home and told you that the person they were in love with was dating three other people, would you, as a parent, embrace that relationship? No! You would not!! These are just normal people caring about their children.

Next up, Madison from Auburn, AL. She takes Peter to Auburn University, where her dad coaches basketball. Mad and PP practice the war Eagle cheer which about makes me want to vomit. Peter pretends that being inside the basketball stadium is totally awesome, even though he knows little or nothing about basketball. Charles Barkley gives Peter a message on the big screen. One of the coaches walks out and says, “I guess I made two final fours this year.” Get it? Maddie starts dribbling and shows Peter her athletic talent. Peter starts dribbling and probably just wishes he could hide in a hole. Yep, he’s that bad. 

Peter acts like he loves that Madison’s SO athletically talented, but we all KNOW he’s completely embarrassed at his lack of skills. She’s like jumping over him to do layups. He is so wishing he was back in a cockpit right now. They make-out in the arena and head to meet the family.

Maddie’s parents look like they are younger than Peter! Seriously though, dad looks like he’s in his thirties. I’m assuming he’s not. So, the family goes around and says something nice about Maddie, because she has the special plate in front of her. They say grace, and it’s nice to see a family that appears to love the Lord and love each other. They toast with sweet tea. Peter has never tasted sweet tea, but guess what? He LOVES it. Of course, he does.

Maddie’s mom takes her aside to talk to Maddie about whether or not she’s talked to Pete about her being a virgin. She puts it very politely, “Have you talked to him about decisions you’ve made for yourself?” I respect that they are such decent people.

Dad asks Peter how he’s feeling about Madison, and Peter says the same thing he’s said to everyone, “She’s awesome.” Dad asks Peter if he knows for sure if she’s the one, and Peter’s like, “that’s a tough one. If it was the last week…” Dad cuts him off and reminds him it’s not the last week. Again, Pete’s like “Wait. Huh?” In his mind, he’s thinking, man, usually when I tell someone their daughter’s awesome, they just leave me alone. Not Maddie’s dad.

Maddie finds it really hard to leave her family. Peter tells her he’s really excited about “us.”  She did not tell Peter that she loves him, and we all know how much Peter loves to hear those words.  He just told the camera, “I love Madison….but her parents gave me a really hard time.” Get over it Petey. You’re fine.

Okay, Victoria F, or EFF as I call her, and Peter are meeting up in Virginia Beach. She immediately says, “Hiiiiiiiiii” to Peter, and it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Victoria takes hi to Old Time Photos, and, surprise, Peter LOVES this.  Peter knows a life with EFF could never be boring, so he’s excited to figure out where it can take them. Whenever there’s an awkward silence, she interjects with “Heeeyyy” and then they make out. Next, EFF takes them to a concert with Hunter Hayes. Did EFF date Hunter, too? Is Peter going to ask her? I would.

Peter is talking to the cameras about how great his date was with EFF and how excited he is to meet her family and starts to head off when someone named Marissa calls him out. He goes to talk to her, and they shoot the breeze, and all of a sudden, she says “Can I give some advice? Be careful.” The girl says she knows EFF and tells him there have been many relationships broken up because of her, so she wanted him to know. He asks Marissa if she realizes how serious this is for him right now. Marissa answers that she does, but she wanted him to know. It’s amazing that the producers managed to whisk EFF away before she could see this woman talking to Pete.

Pete’s down in the dumps and doesn’t know what to do. Apparently, it is revealed that Pete used to date Marissa, and that’s why she felt comfortable approaching him. All I got from their talk was that he purchased a Guess jean jacket from a store she used to work at. Anyway, Pete pulls up to EFF and tells her he wants to talk to her. He tells EFF what Marissa said to him about EFF causing a lot of other relationships to end. EFF denies it. Pete says it has put him in a bad head space. EFF basically doesn’t want to talk about it, and all ka-ka breaks loose. She shuts down and Pete tries to motivate her into kick-starting her love for him. She tells him she is done with the conversation and walks away. I have to say that Peter really did put what Marissa said before his “love” for Eff. Now, I’m not saying I blame him, but it didn’t come off well.

EFF tells Peter she adores him and she was going to tell him tonight that she was falling in love with him, but then she starts crying and whining about him meeting her family tonight, and how he shouldn’t have done this to her. I honestly think that she could care less if our Sweet Pete with a receding hairline (It’s there) dumps her or not. She got herself further along than she wanted. She probably just wanted some more Instagram followers. She tells him adios, and he gets back in the car and leaves poor EFF standing on the curb crying. Her mom runs out to her and amid EFF’s tears, she tells mom, “He leeeeft.” Well, he didn’t exactly leave….you kind of told him to go…

Peter is back at his hotel and there’s a knock at the door. Lo and behold, it’s EFF! She apologizes for what happened, and he apologizes as well. Is there such a thing as being overly-mannerly? If so, that’s Pete. Another word one might use is wussy. I like Pete, but he’s kind of a wuss. Pete’s telling EFF that they have no communication skills. Surprisingly, EFF is quiet and listening to him while he rants. She then starts crying. But I repeat myself. Does that girl ever NOT cry? Anyway, I guess she’s back in the running for the rose ceremony. My Spidey senses tell me this will not go well.

They’re holding the rose ceremony in an airplane hangar. Peter gives the first rose to Hannah Ann. The next rose goes to Madison. The final rose goes to EFF. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Why would he want someone who cries every five minutes and causes nothing but trouble? I’m so confused.

Peter walks Kelsey out. She is composed and not crying. Peter tells her, “I know you probably didn’t see that coming at all.” Like out of left field is what I’m thinking. He tells her when she told him she loved him, it meant the world to him, but he wasn’t at that point with her; he wasn’t there. Why did you plaster a shit-eating grin on your face and kiss her hand when she told you then? Oh, these Bachelors.

Peter goes back into the hangar and tells the girls they are headed to Gold Coast, Australia. Madison starts breathing heavily, and then decides to tell Peter about her virginity….but we’ll have to stay tuned for that conversation until next week…

Previews: EFF thinks Madison has put Sweet Pete into an awful predicament. I’m curious as to her train of thought. If Peter actually cares about her, it would seem to me he could avoid sleeping with her on national television. But, plot twist, we see Madi pulling a Luke P and telling Pilot Pete that she could not go forward with their relationship even if he slept with the other girls. Hmmmm, talk amongst yourselves.

Back at Eff’s house, the family gets a special clip of their own since we didn’t get to meet them. Dad asks if he has to call him “Pilot Pete.” They all say yes, but dad is not going to call him that. They then ask grandma if she’s going to give ‘nana kisses.’ Nana says yes, and mom starts screaming that no one likes those. They are uncomfortable and cringey. Sister asks grandma why she gives the kisses near the ear. I’m wondering that myself, grandma. I’ll bet you can clear a room quite easily. Murrell out.         

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