Old Navy, Soap & Glory, Smell Test and more!!

Jen and I talk about the great deals and finds at Old Navy! We conduct a Smell Test of Soap & Glory products, and present our first giveaway to sweet Amanda!! #OldNavy #OldNavyFine #OldLadyStyle #ArmyJacket #UtilityJacket #quay #quaysunglasses #ACreamComeTrue #TheRighteousButter #SmoothieCakeButtercream #SoapAndGlory

The Bachelor Finale!! Goodbye, Pilot Pete!!

Finally, the Bachelor FUN-ale!!! I am loaded up with Logan’s cheese fries and some Cook’s Champagne. I’m telling you, if I hear Barb caterwauling over her 28 year old son FINALLY making a decision on his own, I may go right through the TV and grab her by the throat…. What’s this? Kelly’s in theContinue reading “The Bachelor Finale!! Goodbye, Pilot Pete!!”

Pilot Pete, Finale Part 1!

Friends, Are you up for the final two episodes of PWebb? So many questions, and tonight and tomorrow we will have answers! Is it just me or did anyone else hear Pilot Pete tell Lauren Zima that his lead gal hasn’t changed since about the fourth week of the show??? I was super surprised atContinue reading “Pilot Pete, Finale Part 1!”

Lost episode of Scooper Tuesday!

http://www.youtube.com/watch Way back when, a little team called the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl! Jen and I discussed their parade, and then move onto more important things, such as Pamela Anderson’s two week marriage. Or was it even a marriage?

Ultimatum Part Deux, #MadiPrew?

#BachelorNation, I woke up with a few thoughts after last night’s #WomenTellAll. I was thinking, what could possibly be an ending that #pilotpete doesn’t even know himself? So I get to thinking about that, and I come up with this. What if Peter is at the altar and asks Madi to marry him, but InsteadContinue reading “Ultimatum Part Deux, #MadiPrew?”

Women Tell All! Pilot Pete in the Hotseat!

It’s Women Tell All! If the planets are in alignment, Peter is going to face the wrath of a bunch of angry gals tonight! I hope he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest!! We begin at the rose ceremony with the three (or did Madison take herself out of the running?} women after the Fantasy Suites. PapaContinue reading “Women Tell All! Pilot Pete in the Hotseat!”