Final Tiger King Talks! #spoileralerts Jen and I could talk about Tiger King forever, and probably will! Join us as we hash out our final thoughts about Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe, and the rest of the gang!

Let’s talk Tiger King! #spoileralert Tell me you watched Tiger King on Netflix! It’s a show that begs the question, “Why am I watching this train wreck?” Yet, you can’t stop. Each episode gets more and more strange. Join Jen and I as we give our two cents in a four-part series on everything Tiger King!!

Sister Bobs dances to “Days of Elijah”! Friends, I go to a wonderful church with a wonderful choir. A few months ago, the choir sang “Days of Elijah,” and they were so good it was all I could do not to get up and dance! Today, I decided to just get up and dance! I only wish the CUMC choir wasContinue reading “Sister Bobs dances to “Days of Elijah”!”

Temporary setback, folks! We will prevail! God is with us!! Friends, I have felt inspired to dance once again! This time to the slightly racier song, Tubthumping! Such a great beat, I couldn’t resist! Grab your significant other and DANCE!!!

Jen’s Fabfitfun Spring Box has arrived!! Friends, Nothing makes you happier during #Quarantine than sharing a FabFitFun box with a friend!! Join Jen and I as we experience the small joys that life can bring us!!

Old Navy, Soap & Glory, Smell Test and more!!

Jen and I talk about the great deals and finds at Old Navy! We conduct a Smell Test of Soap & Glory products, and present our first giveaway to sweet Amanda!! #OldNavy #OldNavyFine #OldLadyStyle #ArmyJacket #UtilityJacket #quay #quaysunglasses #ACreamComeTrue #TheRighteousButter #SmoothieCakeButtercream #SoapAndGlory