Pilot Pete, Episode Recap, 1/27/20

Dear Readers, Tonight, I’ve decided to go with a drink called the “Blue Hawaiian,”  as I would like nothing more than transporting myself to the islands, sunning on a beach in Hawaii, sipping an adult beverage, and reading the Enquirer. I’m a woman of simple tastes. For those who want to whip themselves up thisContinue reading “Pilot Pete, Episode Recap, 1/27/20”

Team Alayah or Team Kelsey?

Don’t judge me, People! I have decided to add some Tropicana to my Cook’s champagne, and even though I am aware that a Mimosa is generally a breakfast drink, I’m going for it on this crisp winter’s eve! As I sit here in my recliner, sipping my adult beverage and reaching over to grab theContinue reading “Team Alayah or Team Kelsey?”

Major celeb dish!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch Gwyneth Paltrow put out a Vagina candle, aptly named “Smells like my Vagina”, which she sold on her Goop website for $75 and they are SOLD OUT. I have so many questions here. Apparently, she was walking along and smelled a scent that reminded her of the scent of her own vagina; she thenContinue reading “Major celeb dish!!”

Episode Recap: Pilot Pete 1/20/20

Dear Readers, I’ve got my gallon of Sam’s Club Cook’s Champagne, a sleeve of Ritz crackers, and Kraft Easy-Cheese on the TV tray next to my recliner. A feast for a queen! I’m prepared to see what the night brings us. First, there HAS to be a wrap-up with #ChampagneGate, correct? I canNOT listen toContinue reading “Episode Recap: Pilot Pete 1/20/20”