Listen to Your Heart, Episode 4!

I’m a little late on this…I’ll just keep it short…

Chris comes in to talk to the contestants…might I add that none of them look like they have bathed… Chris throws a wrench in the works by sending people out on dates with different people in the house…of course, we’ve matched up Julia with Brandon, and although Julia is pretending she doesn’t want to go with Brandon, we all know she’s chomping at the bit to get down Brandon’s pants

Julia comes down in a white mini-skirt so that Brandon will have easy access to her hoo-hah. Off they go…

Meanwhile Rudy is bent out of shape because she has to go out on a date with Chris and that means Matt is left in the snares of evil Natascha. Rudy and Chris decide they are good friends and enjoy each other on their date, but in a platonic way

Same with Jamie and Ryan, just interested in being friends. It’s too bad, because I think Ryan and Jamie would make a much better couple than who either one is with now.

Brandon and Julia go on a songwriting date. Of course, sweet Sheridan is at the mansion, alone, writing a song for Julia, because HIS feelings are sincere.

Julia and Brandon sing and Julia says she realizes she’s falling for Brandon. That’s because you’re a giant Ho, Julia. By the way, drink every time you hear the word “clarity.” Friends, I’m still looking for clarity in my relationship with Marine Mike, and we’ve been married for 27 years. Clarity is an elusive concept.

Julia gets back to the mansion and asks if she can talk to Sheridan and everyone knows this won’t end well. Sheridan remains stoic, while Julia pretends she’s all crushed. Suddenly, Julia turns on Sheridan and asks him, “Why are you being so mean?” WHAT??? Sheridan is NOT being mean. Julia is pretending to cry, but there is not one tear coming out of her eyes. She’s completely fake. Someone needs to kick her to the curb. Sweet Sheridan holds his own and doesn’t let her walk all over him, so good for him. He can now go back to his Subaru and continue their true love relationship.

Julia tries to get sympathy from the other girls. Brandon and Savannah go off to talk, and following in Julia’s footsteps, Brandon tries to make Savannah feel bad because he’s a complete tool. Savannah leaves the mansion and Julia and Brandon run to each other. Those two will last about 5 minutes. They’re gross.

Chris H walks in and announces that performances will be tomorrow night. Whoa, so the songs are passed out and Brandon is struggling. Natascha asks him about his conversation with Savannah. Julia walks in and Natascha asks her to cover her ears. She then asks Brandon “If Savannah had said to you, I’m all in, would you have stayed with her?” And Brandon nods his head, “YES!!” Meaning he would have stayed with Savannah! And he does this while Julia’s is ting right there!!! He has tool bag douche written all over him.

Of course, Natascha runs and tells Julia what Brandon said. Of course, Brandon blows it off, basically saying, “I’m here with you now, so let’s just do this.” Of course, Julia is not happy, but Julia, you did this to yourself. You are the douche queen.

So, everyone has performed and Julia is pissed at Natascha , because she feels she sabotaged Julia’s performance. She might be right, but I think Julia is evil, so I want to see her go home.

Rose ceremony: Chris and Bri are the first to get roses. Followed by Matt and Rudy, Natascha and Ryan, and Jamie and Trevor. Hooray!! All is right with the world, Julia and Brandon do NOT get a rose. I am a little sick of crybaby Jamie, too, though.

Oh wow, now Julia is blaming Brandon for her failure. She obviously takes no responsibility for herself. She’s crying that she wants Sheridan back. I am hoping Sheridan’s safely strapped into his Subaru and no longer thinking of the Evil one.

Friends, that’s about it. Murrell out.

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