Team Alayah or Team Kelsey?

Don’t judge me, People! I have decided to add some Tropicana to my Cook’s champagne, and even though I am aware that a Mimosa is generally a breakfast drink, I’m going for it on this crisp winter’s eve! As I sit here in my recliner, sipping my adult beverage and reaching over to grab the last piece of Christmas candy from the Russell Stover’s box, both Kelsey and Alayah flash before my eyes. I know these two really have no story line together, but I feel like they are soul sisters in many ways.

First my analytical teacher mind composes a Venn diagram in my head. (Two circles where I can compare and contrast the two women for those of you who have been out of first grade for a few years.) In the middle, where their similarities are listed, I easily jot down pageant queens, gorgeous, and simpletons. (In my mind, I am holding a super smooth gel pen that writes in hot pink.)

Their differences are harder. In Kelsey’s circle, I am reminded that she didn’t want to take responsibility for any of Champagne Gate. Poor Hannah Ann, (I am NOT a fan I might add), may have reasonably believed she was in danger if she approached Kelsey after being told in no uncertain terms to “stay the f*** away from her.” BUT, if I’m being truthful, and the Cook’s Champagne is allowing me to be nothing less, I actually believe that Hannah Ann could have cared less about anything that Kelsey said and wasn’t going near her anyway, because she probably was led by the producers to believe that the champagne was for her and Peter. Hasn’t anyone watched UnReal? If not, get yourself on Hulu and watch that bad boy.

For Alayah, was not the belly rub and panting enough to make you un-fan her? If you haven’t seen the clip, check out @BachelorABC

So for me, I say send them both home, Peter. I know you “sent” Alayah home, but then, you were questioning yourself and now we see her come back in next week’s previews. If nothing else, this season has left me guessing. BUT mostly about WHO Barbara is crying about, am I right? I am definitely tuned in this season!!

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